• The popular products for the hospital and clinic.
  • The precision and rigidity and stability is better than the common products.
  • Vertical lift can make the center of gravity more stable.
  • The dental chair backrest is made by the aluminum alloy, because of that create it can be very solid.


Product Information

  • Using the bilateral oil pressure system, when the dental chair is moving, the noise is very small, and also it oad capacity is bigger than the electric system.
  • Vertical lift, speed is stable and gravity center is stable.
  • The dental chair backrest is made by the aluminum alloy, it can be very solid, so the dental chair do not easy to shake , it cause the conducive to surgery.                                          


         Linkage function                       Foot control                    Double joint pillow bracket

  • Linkage function, when the dental chair is changing the position, the dental chair will changing the other part at the same time to avoid the Top-heavy, it can make the patient feel more comfortable.​
  • foot control is designed for the prevention the cross-infection, when the user is doing the diagnosis, it can using the foot control to adjust position Instead of the hands to avoided the cross-infection happened.
  • The pillow bracket design the two part can be control, it make the pillow have the many kind of angle can be setting.
    If the patient is a child it can be setting lower to suitable for petite body.
    And If the patient is using wheelchair, it also can control the pillow bracket to the rear, the patient do not need to leave the wheelchair can also have a simple diagnosis.


  • Sequential memory system, this system can memory which handpiece you take first and when the surgery is working, the assistant manager can take the other handpiece to arrange or prepare.
  • When the dental chair positioning completed the lamp will open itself, on the other hand when the dental chair back to the start point the lamp will close itself.
  • The assistant table have the safety switch.When the collison is happening, the safety switch will stop moving down and raise the asistant table.

The spittoon can choose, we have one kind of the glass spittoon and two kind of the ceramics spittoon.
  • The assistant side can expand about the 70 angle, it can make the assistant's space became more bigger and make it more easy to support the user.
  •  We use the FARO LED lamp with our dental chair, this light is most closest the sun light, not only accurate matching the color but also can make the eye feel more comfortable.

                                                        SEAT COLOR