DenMate T1
DenMate T1
  • Taiwan top brand produce.
  • High level products, digitalizational control.
  • Full touch interface operation.
  • Control the air and water and the light.
  • Powerful memory system.
  • Using the memory cotton, beautiful and comfortable.


Product Information



Touch screen system

Different from the other dental chair, the DenMate T1 is using the touch screen system, 

this technology is ahead of the many peer.
This system not only control the direction and angle, it also can adjustment the air and the water and the light.
About the scalling, our system can adjustment the water and the vibration frequency.
After this all settings, we also design the multiple memory system, highest support the three user can setting, 

and the each of them have the three mode can be memory.


Foot switch
The scaling can be control the strong or weak by the foot control system.
The foot control also can control the H/P, step on the A will only spray air,
step on the W will spray air and water.


Electric L/P operating system
Built-in the NSK electric L/P, doctor can setting the rotating speed in the system,
and control the other detail by the interface.


Four-section seat
The ankle support design can make the patient feel more relaxed in surgery.
Four-section seat can make the children and the elder more easy to seat on the dental chair.
After the treatment, the backrest can be restore to the 90 degree angle, like the normal chair,
it can provide a consulting space.


  • Infrared water supply can detection water surface, avoid the water overflow.
  • Warm water device can make the patient more comfortable when they are mouthwash.
  • Automatic rotating glass cuspidor will move into the front of the patient, the patient do not need to sideways, that can make the patient feel more comfortable.
  • MATISE dental chair is matching with the FARO LED lamp, color temperature is about the 5000K, avoid that the patient feel glare and also protect the doctor eye fatigue excessive.
  • Place Hanging have 6  slot can set more tool to improve the effectiveness.
  • Lifting line design can make the tube more clean.

Leather color